EXOFIN - Allround Service for Murex

Before, after, in the middle: We offer complete service centred around Murex, no matter if you require well-funded conceptual help in advance or reliable support during operation.

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From wish to reality
We efficiently support you in drafting technical concepts because we can build on our many successful Murex projects.


From concept to implementation...
We implement your requirements - from customisation in Murex to programming plug-ins, interfaces or independent applications.

...and more
We advise and train users to help them collect and process their transactions in Murex. In this context, we point out the far-reaching possibilities while, at the same time, dealing with usability questions arising during daily use.





The global financial market does not take any breaks.
Nothing is worse than a standstill. This statement applied to the very first factories, and it applies even more on global financial service providers. In addition to project management, EXOFIN also offers maintenance services for Murex installations. They comprise securing the running operations, support and maintenance.


This includes competent application support for Murex users - Front to Back - and regular activities. We would like to present to you such managed services at the example of purges.

Accelerate Standard Processes.
To simplify regular activities, for example, we use a toolset developed by us for data purges. In connection with our service, you will complete your tasks more efficiently and much quicker than before. Depending on the framework agreement, we will conduct purges according to a fixed rhythm, for example for


  • Market Data
  • Master Data
  • Deals
  • Audit

Each purge is coordinated with the specialist departments; tests are coordinated and reported. The scope of our services will be determined by you. If you wish, your production team may remain responsible for execution or the service can be safely and quickly offered by EXOFIN for any timeslot


Complete Support Desk. 

With our Frankfurt office we also offer complete support outsourcing: from technical administration to specialised support. The service can be invoiced at hourly rates or a lump sum.

For further information, refer to our  information brochure.

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